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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
The Texas Woman's University
Denton, Texas 76204
Email preferred at DMarshall@mail.twu.edu
Telephone and voice messages: 1-940-898-2175
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Teaching courses in statistical computation and interpretation,
mathematical and statistical problem solving with computer pro-
gramming languages; teaching computing basics and applications.

Special interests include measurement theory; the general linear model,
applications of matrix algebra, (heretical) perspectives on statistical
significance and hypothesis testing,and computer programming languages.

Demonstrable versus imaginary benefits of computing; unwholesome impacts
of computing and especially of the Internet and computers and the school
setting; the effective and irrelevant applications of Distance Learning.



Watch this space for course announcements and other relevant information.

Now  available:  See the links menu for  generic  SPSS codes  that run  in SPSS Windows
Production Facility  or   SPSS PC  Syntax Editor  modes.   Find  schematic  DATA  LIST,
T-TEST,  ONEWAY, MANOVA, LOGISTIC REGRESSION, and more.   Especially important for true
multivariate sample comparisons and correlations problems using MANOVA (SPSS PC General
Linear Model  fails to  produce  required  output  for  these  approaches,  so beware!)

Make-up examinations for any course in the Department will be administered on Friday mornings between 8:00am
and noon.  Plan to finish by closing time, noon sharp.  The Department offices are on the  3rd floor of MCL.

My office is now MCL 302D. Other faculty offices are on the 3rd and 4th floors of MCL.

The most effective methods  for contacting me  remain email and dropping  in during office hours. Graduate students
enrolled  in my CSCI 5921 consultation for research design  and statistical analysis can  visit during office hours
in lieu of making fixed appointments, but do arrange appointments by email as desired. Undergrads drop in as needed.

Note in the links menu that I am building an on-line resource of course materials containing syllabus, reading notes,
worksheets  and other handouts.  It is under construction, and I will make many revisions from time to time.  Course
resource documents will be in formats that are Windows-friendly, such as Word, Notepad, Excel, and SPSS PC data sets.


Research Tools and Related Courses:

CSCI 5793: Statistical Packages I -- Survey of descriptive statistics,
bivariate correlations, factor analysis, multiple regression, canonical
correlations analysis, anova, ancova, manova. Tabling and interpreting.

Note: SPSS PC is used, both in Windows (mouse and menus) and syntax mode.

CSCI 5893: Statistical Packages II -- In-depth look at the procedures
covered in StatPack I from the standpoint of assumptions and outliers.
Also introducing Logistic Regression and Path Analysis, with visits to
Time-Series Analysis and Log-Linear models examined, time permitting.
Emphasis on mathematical bases of univariate and multivariate procedures.

CSCI 5921: Research Consultation Laboratory (Statistical Analysis with Computers).
Private consultation in research design and statistical analysis of research data for
Masters and Ph.D. students. Note that CSCI 5921 is this Department's exclusive outlet
for formal and extensive assistance with dresearch design and statistical analysis.

Undergraduate courses:

CSCI 1403 A First Course In Computing
CSCI 1413 Computer Programming I
CSCI 2433 Microcomputer Applications
Math 1703 Elementary Statistics I
Math 1713 Elementary Statistics II


Math 5493 Probability and Statistics-II
Math 5583 Statistical Methods-I


Spring 2018 Office Hours and Class Schedule

Office Hours

Monday and Wednesday, 10am to 11am
Tuesday and Thursday, 12pm to  1pm


Monday and Wednesday, 11:00 to 12:20,  Elementary Statistics-I, MATH 1703.91
Tuesday and Thursday,  1:00 to  2:20, Elementary Statistics-II, Math 1713.03
              Thursday, 4:00 to 5:20,  Statistical Packages-II, CSCI 5893.50
              Thursday, 6:00 to 8:50, Elementary Statistics-II, MATH 1713.02

Graduate students enrolled in CSCI 5921.01 consultation for statistics
and research design can come by during office hours, or arrange an appointment
to meet at other days and times--email me for appointment times. (See the
menu choices below for options if needing assistance but not yet enrolled.)


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