Wen Xu


Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor at Mathematics and Computer Science Department, in College of Arts & Sciences of Texas Woman's University.

I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Texas at Dallas in December 2014, supervised by Dr. Weili Wu. I also got my M.S. in Computer Applied Technology and B.S in Software Engineering from Dalian University of Technology, China in 2010 and 2008 respectively. Before I joined TWU in August 2016, I was an assistant professor in Computer Science Department of New Mexico State University for one year.

My main research interests include data mining and visualization, computational social networks, network communication and cyber security. I am enthusiastic about discovering valuable knowledge and spotting trends out of large volume of data. 

Recent News


  • CSCI 567350 BIG DATA: MGMT, ACCESS, & USE, Srping 2017
  • CSCI 551350 DATA & INFO VISUALIZATION, Spring 2017
  • CSCI 342301 Database Management Systems, Fall 2016
  • CSCI 350301 Data Structures, Fall 2016


    Book Chapter
  • Jing Yuan, Weili Wu, Wen Xu: Approximation for Influence Maximization. Accepted by "Approximation Algorithms and Metaheuristics (2nd Edition)", 2017.
  • Wen Xu, Weili Wu: Rumor Spreading and Detection in Online Social Networks. Accepted by ‘’Big Data in Complex and Social Networks’’, 2016

    Selected Publications     
  • Kang Yao, Hongwei Du, Qiang Ye and Wen Xu.  A Power-Efficient Scheme for Outdoor Localizatio. Accepted by the 12th International Conference on Wireless Algorithms, Systems, and Applications (WASA), 2017.
  • Wen Xu, He Chen, Hongwei Du: Inferring the Origin of Social Rumor with Well-designed Monitor Deployment. Accepted by Journal of Ad Hoc & Sensor Wireless Networks (AHSWN), 2017.
  • Benjamin Churchill, Wen Xu: The Modem Nation: A First Study on Twitch.TV Social Structure and Player/Game Relationships. IEEE International Conferences on Social Computing and Networking (SocialCom) , pp. 223-228, 2016.
  • Satyajayant Misra, Abu Saleh Md Tayeen, Wen Xu: SybilExposer: An Effective Scheme to Detect Sybil Communities in Online Social Networks. In IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) 2016.
  • Wen Xu, He Chen: Scalable Rumor Source Detection under Independent Cascade Model in Online Social Networks. The 11th International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks (IEEE MSN), 236-242, Dec. 2015.
  • Zhao Zhang, Wen Xu, Weili Wu, Ding-Zhu Du: A Novel Approach for Detecting Multiple Rumor Sources in Networks with Partial Observations. Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, 1-15, 2015.
  • Xuming Zhai, Weili Wu, Wen Xu: Cascade Source Inference in Networks: A Markov Chain Monte Carlo Approach. Journal of Computational Social Networks, 2(1):1-17,  2015.
  • Wen Xu, Zaixin Lu, Weili Wu, Zhiming Chen: A Novel Approach to Online Social Influence Maximization. In Journal of Social Network Analysis and Mining (SNAM), 4(1), 153-164, 2014.  
  • Wen Xu, Weili Wu, Lidan Fan, Zaixin Lu and Ding-Zhu Du: Influence Diffusion in Social Networks. In Optimization in Science and Engineering, 567-581, Springer, 2014.
  • Wen Xu, Weili Wu, Ding-Zhu Du: Probe Selection. In Encyclopedia of Algorithms, 2nd edition, Springer, pp 1-4, Nov. 2014.

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Invited Talks:

  • Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China ,  July 2014 (Topic: Lecture Series  of Optimal Influence in Social Networks)
  • Shanghai University,  China,   July 2014 (Topic: Big Data Analytics)
  • Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen Graduate School, China, May 2014 (Topic: Social Network Analysis) [Web News]

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Wen  Xu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Address: Mathematics and Computer Science Department
              College of Arts and Sciences
              Texas Woman's University
              MCL 422, Denton, Texas 76204
Office Phone:  940-898-2177  
Email:   WXu1 AT twu DOT edu